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CATalyst Council, Inc. / Top 10 Cat Friendly Cities

CATalyst has been Germinder & Associates' most complex animal health initiative to date. Germinder established the CATalyst Council on behalf of the CATalyst Steering Committee following a successful launch of the CATalyst Summit on behalf of Pfizer Animal Health, an initiative originally conceived to raise the stature of the cat and increase medicalization of cats. Germinder identified core research from the AVMA citing the increase in cat population with a decline in cat visits, created the brand identity, and in addition to the foundation work, launched the first national communications including the award-winning CATalyst Top 10 Cat-Friendly Cities campaign. The Top 10 Cat-Friendly Cities campaign received a total of 364 million known impressions on television, radio, newspaper, trade magazines and Internet postings. In addition, social media impressions included 6 million Web video impressions.

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"This is good news. We need an organization like this. Cats have loving souls."
—Viewer comment on YouTube

"Great article! More cities should strive for this status!"
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