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KNOW Heartworms

The KNOW Heartworms campaign is an example of Germinder & Associates' ability to partner organizations with complementary goals to deliver a scientific message to both professional and consumer audiences. Germinder created a partnership under a campaign theme, "KNOW Heartworms" among the American Heartworm Society (AHS), the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), and Pfizer Animal Health. The campaign highlighted new data from Auburn University researchers, included release of new guidelines from the American Heartworm Society, and ultimately helped establish feline heartworm disease to be more accurately described as Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease (HARD). An attractive, research-packed veterinary clinic education kit outlining the five myths and misunderstandings about the disease created a powerful message that feline heartworm disease is more prevalent and more dangerous than previously thought. Media relations and other outreach extended this message leading to increased awareness about the disease, 279 million known media impressions via online, radio, print and television, and the delivery of more than 10,000 education kits to clinics nationwide. In addition, the Web site received more than 1.2 million site hits and 45,000 unique visitors. More information about the campaign is available at

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KNOW Heartworms brochures

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"Great job! (The KNOW Heartworms campaign clinic kit) is an informative, complete and compelling combination of science and medicine, and the staff and client pieces are easy to understand and implement. On behalf of AAFP and cats of North America, thanks for all your hard work."

—Jane Brunt, DVM
Past President of the AAFP