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Germinder Giving Back

Germinder Goodwill is a companywide umbrella program developed to ensure the company and its employees contribute in meaningful ways to the local communities in which we work and in the specialized industries and professions we serve. We routinely donate material goods and contribute to general causes such as disaster relief and food banks. We also contribute to special funds and causes related to the environment, women’s issues, small business and public relations. Following are some specific initiatives:

Germinder Giving Back for Animal Health addresses the needs of the animal health profession and ranges from monetary donations to in-kind support of national animal health organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and the Morris Animal Health Foundation. We also support our four-legged friends through our pro bono work with the Cat Writers’ Association of America, the Winn Feline Foundation and the Dog Writers’ Association of America. In addition, our Web site,, regularly contributes to the discourse on emerging pet issues. Approximately 10 percent of space is made available for new not-for-profit initiatives.

Germinder Giving Back for Employees is a program designed to make a connection between the company, each employee and his or her favorite charity. Each year, employees designate a favorite charitable organization to receive corporate support. Funds are sent on behalf of each employee. Over the years donations have gone to numerous causes including organizations committed to feeding and sheltering the homeless, charities dedicated to raising funds to find cures for debilitating diseases and groups supporting the success of women in the workplace.