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BLOG Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Goodnewsforpets 20th Anniversary Logo

(New York – January 30, 2020) – Germinder + Associates, Inc. today announced the kick-off of the 20th anniversary celebration of®. The award-winning site was originally launched February 20, 2000 at the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) in Las Vegas. The site has changed with the times, but in 2000, the site featured a virtual newsroom sponsored by Merial to complement the traditional newsroom – an innovation at the time. 

“While I was at WVC, the launch of our newsroom on was an integral part of becoming a more technologically advanced organization. As my team and I launch VMX Virtual at VMX 2020, I congratulate Lea-Ann and her team not only on their anniversary but their commitment to evolve as well. We’ve all come very far in the last 20 years,” said Manolita Moore, Vice President and Co-Innovator of VMX Virtual, North American Veterinary Community.

The 2000 site included the Cat Writers Association and the Dog Writers Association of America as the first media partners with Steve Dale as the first featured columnist. The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America, Fort Dodge Animal Health, the American Animal Hospital Association and Addison Laboratories were featured on the site. Other exhibitors at the conference could post their news in addition to “.com” companies in the “Discovery Zone.” 

“At the time there was just so much negativity out there we needed what pets give us every day, and that’s good news,” says Steve Dale. “I was instantly intrigued and happy to support the upbeat vision of Good News for Pets.” Read the full release here.

For more information, email Lea Ann Germinder or call.