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  1. A Conversation with Richlynn Kaiser Bailey, Granddaughter of Inez Y. Kaiser

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    Writing about Inez Y. Kaiser has been a pleasure and a blessing. Along the way I’ve gotten the chance to learn so much about a powerful Black woman who paved the path before me as well as made connections with a few amazing people who are in the field currently.One of those amazing people was Richlynn Kaiser Bailey, granddaughter of Inez Y. Kaiser. 

    Bailey shared her thoughts on the initiative under her grandmother’s name as well as some memorable aspects of her grandmother that she wanted to get across.

    “This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight her story and share a little bit about who Inez Kaiser was and what she stood for,” Bailey said. “The scholarship in her name is about paying it forward and supporting students who are aspiring to make their mark in communications. We hope the scholarship will propel recipients forward to pursue their dreams.”

    Being a young, Black woman, it’s always inspiring to see people like her who are advocating for the generation below them. I expressed to her some of the anxiety and fears I had when it came to entering the corporate world as I near my senior year at the University of Dayton. 

    From this, I learned about her deep commitment to the advancement of women and women of color who are navigating this world and overcoming the feeling of “imposter syndrome” causing one to feel like they aren’t worthy to be in the position they’re in, especially while raising two daughters. 

    “I want to raise my girls to be confident and to know that they are enough,” she said. “I want them to know that they are valued and that they have unique and amazing contributions to make in this world. Those are values that my grandmother instilled in me. Working on this scholarship has reminded me of who my grandmother was and what she stood for.”

    After learning more about who she was and that she strives to be, we ended with a conversation about leading those following after you. Being an example and a physical representation of what you don’t usually see people like you do is so important in this day and age. 

    “Representation is so important, and if you don’t see it, then you don’t know you can be it,” Richlynn Kaiser Bailey said. “Whether you’re considering work at a PR agency, a corporation, a volunteer option, advertising, or whatever it may be, it’s important that people see themselves reflected back.”

    Representation matters. Being a part of this initiative for the summer opened my eyes to something important. While I and many others never got to meet Inez Y. Kaiser, we are fortunate enough to get to know her story. Just because we leave this earth doesn’t mean the legacy, accomplishments, and paths we pave for those following behind isn’t remembered and cherished. Inez Y. Kaiser’s legacy will live on forever because she took the time to be a representation of what many women of color can be in life, despite the opinions of those who say we can’t. 

    Don’t forget to check out the video I created that emphasizes Inez Y. Kaiser and other modern trailblazers in communications:

    Qualifying students can apply for the Inez Y. Kaiser GKC-PRSA Memorial Scholarship now! 

  2. Don’t be Afraid to Tell Your Story

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    We all have talents. A lot of us have jobs, but outside of those jobs, our hobbies and down-time activities host some of our most powerful gifts. It’s the things we’re most passionate about that will make the greatest impact in this world. 

    I saw this with Inez Kaiser. With roots in journalism she used those writing and communicating skills and transferred that into her journey in the civil rights movement with getting messages across and creating an impact. I want to do this for myself as well.

    Whenever I think of things I’m passionate about, I immediately think of the Black story. More specifically, my story. Growing up in a world where having beautiful hair meant you were mixed with something or where the use of proper English made me “better” than other black girls oddly encourages me. 

    My second passion of writing and storytelling drives me to tell my story to the world in a creative way.

    I used to hate my story. I used to be embarrassed to be from a place like Flint, Michigan. I use to hate having to explain to people that I grew up without my biological mother in my life. All of the things that represent the life of a stereotypical black family was simply embarrassing to me to talk about. However, that’s when I learned exactly why I should love my story. 

    The story is the journey. The journey is what makes us who we are. We are everything that our story is and that is why telling that story is so important, no matter who you are.

    When I first started writing, I was hit with the hard truth of, “You can’t become better without reading.” As I progressed with my writing and reading skills, I discovered the power of a story. Whether a fairy-tale or a revealed truth within a real-life story, the story itself is something that resonates deep within me. 

    Being a future public relations professional, I often think of the impact I can make. That impact includes helping to pave the way for more people like me, just like Inez Kaiser did and telling my story in a creative way in order to showcase all that one can become despite everything they had to do and go through to get where they are today.

    Don’t forget about the Inez Y. Kaiser GKC-PRSA Memorial Scholarship Fund! Learn more about it here

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