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  1. Power of Pink Virtual Internship: Question of the Day

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    QOD post

    Our Power of Pink Virtual Internship has come to an end and so have the many Zoom calls with founder Lea-Ann Germinder along with interns, Abby Crotty and Zinaejah Ozier. Within those Zoom calls, they always found a way to make the day more interesting with their “Question of the Day” daily questions.

    Some of the questions were on the serious list, while others challenged their brains to think about the things they’ve never really thought about before.

    Here were some of the questions and answers that they came up with throughout the summer:

    Top 3 QOD

    If your house was burning down and you could save one material thing, what would it be (assuming your phone is in your pocket!)?

    “My computer” – Zinaejah Ozier

    “My computer” – Lea-Ann Germinder

    “My big box of memorabilia” – Abby Crotty

    If you could have one superpower what would it be?

    “Teleport anywhere and not have to worry about COVID-19” – Abby Crotty

    “Not to sleep, there are so many things I want to do and not enough time to do them” – Lea-Ann Germinder

    “Ability to speed through work, but with accuracy” – Zinaejah Ozier

    What has been your biggest challenge to date and why?

    “The pandemic and having the internship fall through” – Abby Crotty

    “Going to school online, then having the internship online from 9-6 Monday to Thursday 9-1 on Friday and forgetting to eat and drink. I just want to get the work done and I forget to stop” – Zinaejah Ozier

    “My parents got divorced when I was young, but it taught me to be resilient and plow through challenges – like this pandemic!  – Lea-Ann Germinder

    In the end, whether the question was happy or sad, the “question of the day” always seemed to be the thing that pushed them through the long work-day. Now, it has come to a close, but their Q&A sessions will never be forgotten.

  2. A Zinaejah Ozier Interview: Dr. Courtney Campbell, DVM, DACVS-SA

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    Dr. Courtney Campbell Interview
    Board-certified veterinary surgeon and host and producer of Vet Candy

    For her second interview, intern Zinaejah Ozier reached out to Dr. Courtney Campbell, DVM, DACVS-SA and recipient of the 2020 Global Pet Expo’s media personality of the year award. Campbell is a board-certified veterinary surgeon and host and producer of Vet Candy. As an aspiring entrepreneur, Zinaejah thought it would be a good idea to interview this young black business owner and leader due to his expertise in the professional world.

    One of the main things that she discussed with this amazing leader was the idea of building a career while still in the process of finding your passion. Dr. Campbell shared some advice on finding out what it is you really love within your everyday activities. He specifically talked about his journey following his youthful love of wildlife and medicine.

    “When I was growing up, I’d jump outside and explore the woods, look under rocks, and I really started to appreciate wildlife,” said Dr. Campbell. “Once you appreciate wildlife and you fuse that with medicine, anatomy, and physiology, a career in veterinary medicine just makes sense. You’ve got your love for animals on one side and then you’ve got a love for medicine and science and it’s a beautiful marriage.”

    When asked about having a mentor while on the journey, Campbell stressed the idea of having a set goal, a timeline, and having objective criticism during the process.

    “I don’t care how old you are or where you are in life, you need a mentor,” he said. “What gets measured, gets improved. As you’re achieving your goal and doing it in record time but not doing it right, then you’re not really improving.” 

    Dr. Campbell mentioned how he, himself had and still has many mentors, whether it is for professional development or personal life. As we have different sides to our lives, he talked about how helpful it can be to have a mentor for each of those sides. 

    To watch the full video on mentorship and more, click here!

    For more on the series, click here.

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  3. A Zinaejah Ozier Interview: Cheryl Proctor-Rogers, APR, PCC, Fellow, MBA, MA

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    Cheryl Proctor-Rogers Interview
    PR and Business Strategist, Executive Coach, A Step Ahead Consulting and Coaching

    This interview is the first in a series of interviews from University of Dayton junior and summer Digital Associate Zinaejah Ozier. As an aspiring leader Zinaejah made an effort to contact Proctor-Rogers as she is an executive coach with many years of mentorship under her belt. As Ozier’s series of interviews is also an attempt to grow a connection and listen to the words of the wise, this candidate was a definite fit.


    The interview consisted of insights on how Proctor-Rogers made her way through the professional world over time and her emphasis on the importance of having a mentor. As explained in the video, we get to hear about the many mentors that Cheryl has had growing up including her parents and peers within the organizations that she took part in. 

    “Having mentor as part of your personal cabinet is critical to your success,” said Proctor-Rogers. “I can’t imagine how I would have been able to achieve everything I could.”

    To watch the full interview and gain insight on Cheryl Proctor-Rogers for yourself, check out the link to the video here: https://youtu.be/DBxytGLg0dw

  4. The Power of Pink: Leadership Interviews With Zinaejah Ozier

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    Interviews with Zinaejah Logo

    As a next step in our Power of Pink Initiative and in light of recent events, we’re introducing a series of interviews with black leaders across the country conducted by Zinaejah Ozier, a junior at the University of Dayton and incoming treasurer of the PRSSA chapter at Dayton. The goal of the series is to join in the current conversation through the eyes of a young leader speaking with black leaders – and learn!

    Zinaejah is already a budding storyteller, a journalism turned public relations major. Coming into the internship, Zinaejah expressed her desire to learn about the stories of the people whose footsteps she planned to follow. Using her own journalist approach, she’ll conduct video interviews and ask unique questions of each interviewee in an attempt to grow her understanding of how each person achieved success and how she can do the same.

    “I’m excited to have this opportunity to conduct these interviews at Germinder + Associates,” said Zinaejah. “It allows me to gain a broader understanding of the public relations profession and the opportunity to connect and network while I am gaining experience on the job.”

  5. My First Business Trip: Traveling with GNFP Digital/Germinder to the KC Animal Health Corridor & CVC.

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    During my internship with GNFP Digital/Germinder, I got the opportunity to travel to Kansas City for the conference at the CVC and the Animal Health Corridor. As a college student, finding opportunities to get real world experience is absolutely vital. Since it was my first time traveling for work, I did not know what to expect or how things would work, nonetheless, uncertainty would not stop me from making this trip. I packed my bags, flew to Kansas City and happily joined Lea-Ann Germinder, the President & Founder of the company as well as the publisher of Good News for Pets.


    Having the opportunity to travel across the United States for work was a huge step in my career. I knew that GNFP Digital/Germinder was investing a lot of money to help me grow as a professional. To me, this meant that I would aid in all the projects, help establish relationships, assist with any task, and provide the most outstanding results possible at all times. During the trip, my purpose was to build the company to the best of my ability. I hoped that the company would be recompensed with hard work and a positive attitude.

    I tried to have everything ready at all times. In all situations, I tried to be one-step ahead of the game. This way Lea-Ann would have everything she needed without having to ask for it.

    “Can you take pictures of the tradeshow?” – Done.

    “Can you get the gift bags ready?” — Done.

    “Can you help me pack the contents for our table?” — Done.

    “Can you take pictures of the Investment Forum?” — Done.


    I didn’t wait to be given instructions, instead I tried to anticipate what would be necessary and have it ready before hand. I tried to find ways to solve issues and facilitate projects so our schedule would run smoother (Lea-Ann agrees!).

    My favorite part of the trip was attending the networking events at the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. I got the chance to meet really incredible individuals that had achieved great things within the veterinary industry. I had a great time talking to industry professionals and building relationships with individuals from different companies. I was delighted to mix and mingle with all the CVC and KCAHC attendees! I met Kim Young, the President of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor at the “Women in the Corridor” event; she was part of the panel of speakers. As I indulged in different conversations with people, I learned so much about my own knowledge and character. Apparently, 4 years of college prepped me enough to give me the ability to talk to strangers about the advertising industry (I’m an advertising/PR major) and to have the confidence to stand my ground when asked questions about my opinions regarding those topics.


    Naturally, I enjoyed spending extra time with Lea-Ann and visiting Kansas City. I walked around The Plaza, I visited the WW1 Memorial and made new friends. Lea-Ann and I took some client prospects from the conference to eat at a traditional Kansas City BBQ at Arthur Bryant’s! We went to go get drinks afterwards to a Blue Room, where they played Jazz.


    I also got the opportunity to attend a press conference. As an Advertising and PR major, I have read about press conferences, written papers about them and heard plenty of funny stories about all the things that could go wrong during a press conference. Very rarely, college students are given the opportunity to attend as part of the press. Even more rarely, do they get to attend a press conference and participate by live tweeting during the conference. Thanks to my company I was one of the lucky few.


    I felt very grateful for the responsibilities that were bestowed upon me during the conference. Another incredible opportunity came up, when I was given the task to interview CVC speakers. While I was in NYC, I had done research on the background of the speakers. I had picked a handful that I wanted to interview, so I reached out to them and scheduled a time to meet.  I met with young professionals who are successful women making their dreams come true. After each of their lessons, I walked up to them, introduced myself and asked to interview them. They were pleased with the questions I asked and felt grateful to be interviewed. We had so much fun filming and getting to know each other. They were both a pleasure to work with!

    I grew in my knowledge of PR, in my professional abilities and in my character. I got the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone over and over again. Not only did I aim to step outside of my comfort zone, but to thrive in unprecedented situations.

    This trip was once-in a life time dream trip for any intern starting at any PR agency. From attending the press conference, to the networking opportunities to interviewing the attendees– this trip was truly a blessing in my career.

    And to add the cherry on top of the perfect weekend – I got to play with puppies.

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