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A Semester in Review by Victoria Geager

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Interning for Germinder and Associates these past four months has not only taught me so much about the Public Relations Industry, but a lot about myself; and those are two things I will forever be grateful for. This has been an experience I wish every graduating college student could have had their last semester.

I will never forget my first day of work with my boss Lea-Ann Germinder. She had asked me to create content for our website and social media accounts (all things I have done at previous jobs before) but what stood out is that she asked me to create my first media report. By the end of my first week, after updates and revisions, she signed off on my media report with a smile and sent it out to our client. This first proud moment at my internship is one I could never forget because it was the first of many.

Throughout the course of my internship, I have created various media and press reports, kits and releases; each more detailed advanced every time. What has been so wonderful about my experience is that Lea-Ann asks you what you would like to do more of and your interests in the field so she can give you projects to advance your skills in it. My particular interest is the creative aspect of the industry. After hearing that, I was given the task to create an interview for America’s Veterinarian: Marty Becker. This allowed me to do extensive research but have my own creative twist on it. That interviewed published by the end of my second week with my name on it and there were plenty more to come in the near future.

What I have found so genuinely beautiful about this internship is that I have been involved in projects from the very beginning of the project from typing and editing release to physically taping up the media kits and dropping them off at Fed-Ex to send to the client. This was our Double Defense media kit that I had worked on throughout most of my time in my internship and it was wonderful to watch it come to life.

I have had so much great hands on experience that not many people my age can say they received at their internship. The knowledge that I have gained will forever be with me from my time at Germinder and Associates and this has led me to have the confidence I now have in myself while entering the job world. Graduating college is a scary thing but interning at Germinder and Associates has given me not just the experience, knowledge and confidence while pushing forward; but the excitement to go with it.

For more information, email Lea Ann Germinder or call.