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My Internship Experience By Salina Benitez

FullSizeRenderAfter what seems to be the fastest semester of my undergraduate career, my time as an intern at Germinder & Associates is coming to an end. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I’m sure the constant go-go dynamic of agency life had a hand in time passing by in what seemed to be a blink of an eye. Work life at Germinder & Associates is reflective of the PR industry itself – ever-changing and no two days being the same. Each day presented a new learning experience and challenge.

I’m glad I found myself interning at a smaller agency, because of this I was able to dabble in all types of work and given plenty of responsibilities. My responsibilities varied day-by-day. I could be doing anything from creating media reports to curating content for our Goodnewsforpets website, which in itself included – interviewing accredited professionals, writing books reviews or creating a Pet IQ trivia question to engage our audience. As my skill set grew during my time at Germinder, so did my creative freedom, allowing me to truly practice my passion for storytelling.

During my time as an intern I was exposed to platforms I’ve never had the opportunity to work on before, only enhancing a skill set I can bring along with me throughout my professional career. I had the opportunity to work on multiple campaigns, even seeing one from the beginning phases of drafting the press release, inviting press to a press conference, and compiling press materials for a press kit. To this day I am still working on this campaign that I consider my PR baby by following up with press hits and measurements of our success. All these experiences in just a few weeks time, not to mention the day-to-day insights given by our wonderful, seasoned boss, Lea-Ann. Lea-Ann’s insights and guidance truly make you understand the backbone and in-and-outs of PR.

Thanks to this work experience, I gained the confidence needed to feel well equipped to practice this profession for years to come. It was a great learning experience, and confirmation that I have chosen the right career path. My time here at Germinder & Associates will be a time I will forever cherish.

For more information, email Lea Ann Germinder or call.